Monday, September 14, 2009

No Rules.

In life you should try to live with no rules. I take that back. You should try to live only by your OWN rules, well those and God's. Let me just get to the point. In matters of the heart, you should go with the flow and do what feels right. Why? Because it's easy, stress free and will probably allow you the most fun you'll ever have! Why put constraints on yourself: you can't do this! you should do that! It's pointless. Just do you!
That being said, some people are just jerks and decide to live by a set of mean rules. This is not encouraged. Do onto others and whatnot, you know what that means ppl. You should be honest to yourself and others! Other than rules. Where does this stem from? Experience. That and:


In completely unrelated news...VEGAS. Fun :) Did a lot. Saw a lot. I should do it again soon. Here's a taste:

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