Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luminary: A person of prominence or brilliant achievement.

Who are the luminaries in my life? I don't think I have one! My mom I guess, she's pretty great. I feel like most of the people closest to me are working towards their luminance and not in their full fledged luminessence*. And where do I fit in in this? Can I consider my personal growth of luminate* proportions? Probably not. Not yet that is. However, with the discovery of this new word in my life I've taken a great liking to it and I will try to work towards its definition. Beyond this new gem of a word, I've also decided that we're alll soooo little in this world, that what we do day-to-day: our jobs, our responsibilities, our errands, our phone calls, our hobbies, our emergencies are really not much in the scheme of things. Let's try to be bigger than what we are! Let's reach beyond what we can see, towards only what we can imagine. With outreached arms anything can be let in. Something to think about...

See! I'm blogging more often, as promised. Yay!

*If it's not a word, it IS now. Don't correct me, I'm new


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