Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wanna play!

Well since nobody invited me to play "blog chain", I'll invite my damn self. I'll try to follow the rules and use only one word, but sometimes I just can't!

Hair: Brown.

Your Mother: Incredible

Your Father: SMART

Favorite Food: Cheese

Dream Last Night: Dunno

Favorite Drink: Sparkly Water

Room You’re In: Living

Hobby: Jewelry

Fear: Complacency

Where Were You Last Night? Bed

Something You Aren’t: Boring

Muffins: Where?!

Wish List Item: Vacations

Where You Grew Up: Minnesota

What Are You Wearing: Obama shirt

Your Pet: Nope

Friends: Mighty

Something You’re Not Wearing: Out

Favorite Store: Macy's (I be lyin')

Favorite Color: Black

Last Time You Laughed: Earlier

Your Best Friend: Strange

Place You Go Over And Over: Target

Person You E-Mail Regularly: Heather

Favorite Place To Eat: Ethiopia

And now I pass it on to Diana (! You'd BETTER PLAY! :)



I'm Sense AND Sensibility

What up? I'm back. No excuse for the absence. It is what it is, folks.
Once again, ONCE AGAIN, life is imitating art. Just finished the classic Sense and Sensibility, which has been on my list of didn't-read-it-in-high-school-now-I-gotta-make-time-for-it book list for a while now. Anyway, it was amazing of course. Not only that, it literally was parallel to life events that were happening while I was reading it. Examples:
My Life
1. I'm no longer sharing with my closest ppl (that includes yall) the details of my dating life
Elinor: "From their (her sister and mom) counsel, or their conversation she knew she could receive no assistance, their tenderness and sorrow must add to her distress, while her self-command would neither receive encouragement from their example nor from their praise. She was stronger alone (AMEN, I say), and her own good sense so well supported her, that her firmness was as unshaken, her appearance of cheerfulness as invariable, was possible for them to be"

My Life
2. The Official Trouble Apology happened. And if you don't know who Trouble is, you don't need to (see above). Mine wasn't quite as elegant as the below, but the sentiment was the same.
Willoughby apologizing for his horrible behavior: "I mean- said he, with serious energy-if I can, to make you hate me one degree less than you do now. I mean to offer some kind of explanation, some kind of apology, for the past; to open my whole heart to you, and by convincing you, that though I have been always a blockhead, I have not been always a rascal, to obtain something like forgiveness from (you)..."

My Life
3. The reason that I was even able to listen to the above apology, and almost the exact words I said to Trouble, are because I give all of my heart and not pieces. These sentiments, reflected in the book, I read in the book after I said them. Creeepy.
In describing how Marianne loved: "Marianne could never love by halves"

My Life
4. Two single sisters and me open to the possibilities of love, in a crazy city.
Two single sisters and Marianne open to the possibilities of love, in a crazy city.

So, what does this all MEAN? Good timing to read this book of course! But what else? Did my life get shaped by what I read? Am I reading (puns are fun) too much into this? Perhaps not. The bottom line is, with men, women, gossip, big cities, marriage, engagements, hussies and Trouble, things never change. From 18th century England to 21st century New York, shit's the same.