Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something about 'er

Last night I went to Moomia Lounge a hookah bar way downtown on Lafayette that was just too cute! It's split level, but 90% of the crowd was in the downstairs lounge area. Weez (as in Lindsey Louise, not Weez-F-Baby) and I went there to celebrate a friend's bday and had a great time shaking and smokin in the intimate space. The walls are covered with faux (I'm assuming) hieroglyphics and there is even a King Tut-like tomb in the center of the room. Ample pillow-covered bench seating is available, perfect for cuddling up or seating a large party (hint! hint! a contender for my 25th bday spot). But let me get to the meat of this story...

There's something about Beyonce. That bitch. We were moving and groovin for a while, standing up and smoking near our table, but when "Single Ladies" came on it was as if someone sounded an alarm to action and we raced to the small dance floor. And yes I said raced. I'm a grown-ass lady, but somehow the song transformed me into a super-hypy 15 yr old, except for I understood it to be a call-out to all lame dudes wasting time whereas my jr. high self would have probably just considered it a flirty song.

So we danced, and we even attempted to mimic the choreography of the VIDEO. Yes, I said it. I'm admitting it in the daylight and sober on behalf of all the other ladies in the world who cannot, without a small oz. of shame ;) I say, it's ok ladies! BE a 15 yr old sometimes, it's good for you! Dance like a crazy person, ignoring all the (possibly) strange looks you're attracting from the crowd! Point to the guys in the room who you think might fall into the lame guy category, wasting a girl's time, and lip-sync to him (because you're too scared to use your full out shower voice) "If it you like it then YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT!" You'll be doing a favor to some woman, somewhere. Trust me.

Thanks B.



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  1. was there for the first time back in January - my friend was spinning and knows the owner. and babe, NOTHING wrong with letting that inner child out sometimes!