Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Vive

Last night my amazing sister hosted the "Haiti Vive Benefit" party at Shebeen, and I'm just so dog-gone proud! She organized it with one of her homies on their own accord. The place is adorable (202 Mott St & Spring Soho) providing us with an intimate feeling at a obviously stoic, (but still mad fun!!) topical event. The room was jussst big enough for her to accommodate to all the favorite people we've met along the way. The DJs were awesome, spinning Haitian classics and eclectic soul sounds, and the bartender/really good friend of the crew was putting her FOOT in the drinks. I swear I had a sparkling water from her and it was the best to date! I seriously don't know how she did it...but it could've been me, considering by the time I had a drink I hadn't had one for approximately 10 hrs. Can we say parched?!

But seriously, my sister put together a truly beautiful, loving event that encouraged donations of money and supplies, rather than requiring it. Which I think helped us raise even more and made people feel at ease when they walked in the door. When I was on door duty, and I told guest there wasn't a cover and asked them to give what they could, their eyes seemed to doe and fawn. Pupils dilated and 'erething. It was cute. Thanks for what you gave people! We've all given so much, but can still give so much MORE*. We have got to continue to remember for the days, weeks, months and years to come that Haiti is still building and trying to recover from the terrible earthquake. So on the first day you forget about it (because as people in a cushy America, it's inevitable) and the day after when you think about it again...GIVE SOMETHING.

SO great to see all of my favorite people all in one spot, in one night and with open hearts and clear minds. Nobody was buying bottles, taking rapid shots or on the prowl, too distracted by new meat to socialize and interact. What a blessing!

Thanks Drea for all you've done. You're amazing. Plain and simple. Love you sister.

*You can give at BrooklynNight! At the top right of this blog there's a link to the Red Cross. Why not now?

PS-(in a quivering, soft and ashy-sounding voice) "My feet are Stttrroonnng"




  1. Wow this is awesome! Drea got this event organized so fast, huh? She is super great and you are just as great for helping her out and just being there last night and spreading the word out there through your blog and facebook. I am so happy to have you as my friend. Wish we were living in the same city again though.

  2. P.S I just added that Haiti widget to my blog too!

  3. Thanks Leah!!! I know, I wished you lived here too :( I have a feeling we will live close again. And yes I saw you added that widget, thought it was just a coincidence. heheh

  4. What is happening in Haiti is devastating!

    Your sister is amazing...what a wonderful way to raise money and awareness.

    When people are given the choice as to what offer/donate, sometimes they can't handle it. It's also sort of a great study in reverse psychology...people don't want to seem cheap, so they give a little more.

    I blogged about Haiti recently too: http://lettersforlucas.blogspot.com/2010/01/disaster-in-haiti.html