Friday, October 22, 2010

T-Boz, T-Dubb(s), T-Wells, T-Mack, T-Dawg, Weezy, Trace-Dog, Tres-de-Leche

These are the names I've been called. And these are only the ones GUYS have called me. And, more specifically, guy-friends. Why? I mean, I don't really get it. Something about my name is very nicknamable to guys. I have never in my life told anyone to call me anything but Tracy. It's just that my name isn't short for anything long, it's five small letters, two syllables and it's pretty much just there. So when guys in my life started with the nicknames, I was curious but never overly concerned...until now. I mean, what's IN a nickname? Break it down for me. Is it that I'm cool and so deserve a homie-esque moniker? Or maybe just because Tracy Wells is kinda plain and could use a spruce up? Or, OR, maybe it's that my name is easy to make into something better? I have no idea. Seriously. These are all guesses. Maybe one day someone will let me in on the secret. In the meantime, I guess it's just important that you SAY MY NAME!



UPDATE 11/8/10: Trace Minerals. Geez.


  1. TRACY!!! That's your name! Geesh! I've never really called you anything else before, have i? I guess Chick sometimes because of your sisters. : )
    I love your name and I can't help you out why these guy friends of yours are calling you anything and everything but your name...strange boys you got there in NY. Haha

  2. You will always be Tracy to me, simple, sweet and all mine! : ) haha